After-School Practice Schedule Updated

A Message From Mr. Fitchpatrick:

The band staff is very proud of both the “Football Band’ and the “Competition Band”. Both ensembles did a fantastic job the past two weeks at band camp. Not only did they do a great job of learning their shows, but also demonstrated a positive attitude toward the mitigation efforts we implemented. At a time when so much around us can create worry and concern, it was refreshing and rewarding to see all of our incredible students working together in a positive way to make music and accomplish something bigger than the individual.

Moving into next week, we begin a semester where the day to day routine has been dramatically altered. One third of Hoover High School students have selected to participate virtually and the other two thirds will be alternating days of attendance. Accordingly, the band staff has been looking at how our traditional practice schedule works with this altered school day. Knowing that only one third of our students will be at school on any given day, it has been brought to our attention that numerous students not at school that particular day will have difficulty getting there by 3:30 for practice. As such, we have developed a different practice schedule to help meet the needs of this unique time.

Updated After-School Practice Schedule

Marching band practice will be taking place on the same days of the week as before. We are just pushing the times back to later in the afternoon. Rehearsals will be:

Football Band: Tuesday & Thursday – 5:30-6:30
Competition Band: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – 5:30-8:00

We are only doing this for the first four weeks of the semester to correspond with the four-week plan issued by Hoover City Schools. When the school system determines how they plan to move forward after the first four weeks, we will reevaluate our practice schedule and adjust accordingly. An additional benefit is that rehearsals will be at a time of the day that is not nearly as hot during this time of the summer that can certainly be a challenge.

Thank you very much for your continued patience and understanding as we navigate a scenario that could not have been imagined before last March. We apologize for the constant changes and assure you that we look forward to a day in the future when we can gradually make a return to normalcy. Until that time, the directors will continue to do all that is possible to use the best information available and implement plans/adjustments that provide for a safe and rewarding band experience for our students. There will be another email coming to you soon that will have detailed information and logistics regarding this coming Friday’s football game at the Met.

Thank you,
Ryan Fitchpatrick