2020 Summer Band Camp Procedures and Guidelines

We are excited about our upcoming band camp next week and are looking forward to the opportunity to provide our students with a rewarding and safe experience. Students have done very well as we have navigated the small ensemble rehearsals throughout July. We want to emphasize the importance of continuing all of our mitigation strategies and procedures.

As we engage in rehearsal with larger numbers of students, it is important that we have a clear process that facilitates social distancing practices. We feel confident in our ability to maintain a minimum 6ft spacing while students are on the practice field. In order to effectively social distance before and after practice, we have established protocols that are different from what we have done before.

This map outlines three separate drop-off locations to help maintain the safest possible environment as we begin camp. You will see three different colors that indicate drop off points.

  • YELLOW – Tubas, Percussion, Auxiliary
  • RED – Students who are being dropped off
  • BLUE –Students who drive their own vehicle
  • Thick lines indicate vehicle pathways and thin lines indicate student path to field

At each check in, there will be social distance markers students will need to stand on while waiting to have their temperatures checked. Students will still be required to wear masks and transport their own equipment. Only percussion, auxiliary, and tubas will go inside the building to get equipment.

As students move to the practice field there will be designated areas for each section where
their equipment will be placed. There will be staff members on the field helping students go to
these spots to ensure social distancing.

Students (except Tubas, Percussion, and Auxiliary) must take their instrument home and back
each day. There will be access to any lockers or storage rooms.

Items that students must come prepared with:

  1. Appropriate clothing for hot weather
  2. Closed toe tennis shoes.
  3. Sunblock (Take into consideration your skin tone and potential for burning)
  4. Water Thermos (This is critical. You will not be able to share!) Write your name in
    permanent marker to easily distinguish yours from the hundreds of others.
  5. Personal music stand (if you have one)
    • Students that drive may not hang out or congregate in the parking lot after rehearsal has
    • Please refer to previous protocol documents for more specifics on procedures and appropriate
      mitigation strategies

Summer Practice General Guidelines

  • All students, staff and family members are asked to wash hands, check their temperature beforehand and stay home if temperature is above 100.4°F.
    • Parents should check the student’s temperature on a daily basis. Be aware of and disclose any potential contact with affected individuals.
    • Students and staff must be fever free for 48 hours before coming back to campus.
  • All students, staff and family members are asked to stay home if showing any signs of illness.
  • Students, staff, and family members who test positive for COVID-19 must be symptom free for 14 days before coming to campus.
  • All activities are closed to non-essential personnel (i.e. parents, spectators)
  • Students must arrive on time for rehearsals due to the highly structured set up. Students who are late cannot be added to a rehearsal.
  • Student drop off and pick up for students will be in the front of the band room only.
  • All students will have their temperature taken by a member of the band staff via infrared touch-less thermometer before they can enter the building. Students may not enter if temperature is above 100.4°F.
  • There should be no congregating on campus . Students should leave campus as soon the rehearsal is completed.
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often.
  • Do not touch your face, eyes or mouth with unclean hands.
  • Practice social distancing at all times.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your elbow if you cough or sneeze.
  • Practice rooms and instrument storage rooms will be closed indefinitely. There should be no entry into these areas at any time. Students should arrive ready to participate.
  • Personal belongings can be brought into the facility of use for temporary storage during rehearsal. Personal items should not be shared. Do not bring items of value as there will not be a locked place to secure them.
  • Individual bathrooms will be open for use.
  • Individuals need to bring their own water bottle/thermos labeled by name. Water bottles should be cleaned after each use.
  • Facial coverings are recommended to the greatest extent possible but must be worn when an activity requires a person to be closer than six feet and when entering common areas. Students are required to bring face coverings to all rehearsals. HCS will not provide face coverings for students. Any student who arrives without a face covering will not be allowed to enter the facility.
  • If a student is not compliant with social distancing measures, they will be removed from the rehearsal and spoken to regarding compliance. If this happens a second time, the student will be asked to leave the rehearsal.
  • Parents and students will need to sign the provided COVID-19 Participation Waiver acknowledging adherence to all policies before rehearsals begins.

Here are printable copies of the information found above: