2020 Football Game Day Procedures

Please read the following information regarding the football game this Friday at the Met. There is very important logistical information and a map pertaining to how students will get to the stadium.  Accordingly, we ask that you please read thoroughly to ensure that Friday is a safe and positive experience for all of our Hoover Band students.

  • All parents and students will take the regular HHS entrance route onto Learning Lane and turn right onto Buccaneer Drive. Once you pass the High School, take another right on the new road (Champions Way) to go past the Finley Center Baseball fields and into the lower lot of the Met. This route is important because athletic volunteers will be collecting a parking fee for those vehicles pulling in the lot from Stadium Trace Pkwy. See reference map below.
  • Parents will drop students off in the triangle lot by the lower lot soccer fields. There will be cones set up to help navigate. Once your student has exited the vehicle, take the exit route through Trace Crossings Elementary to get back to Learning Lane. See reference map below
  • Students who drive will park in the lower lot of the Met. Students will be provided a parking pass for this lot that must be displayed in their windshield.
  • Student drivers must also enter the lower lot by way of Buccaneer Dr. and not from Stadium Trace Pkwy. See reference map below.
  • Once in the lot, students will get equipment and go straight to the warm-up arc. We will have staff on-site to make sure all students maintain social distance and wear masks.
  • After warm-up we will line up students by sections to enter the stadium. This will help facilitate social distancing. We will enter the stadium and sit in sections 202, 204, 206, and 208. There will be social distance markers on the seats for the students to specify appropriate spacing. This area is much larger than our previous spot and closer to field access away from the general crowd.
  • Once half-time begins we will wait for the entire team to leave the field BEFORE we exit the stands. Once we are set-up on the field we will have 10 minutes to perform. At the conclusion of the performance we will be given time to get off the field before players and coaches are allowed to re-enter (AHSAA protocols).
  • In an effort to limit the number of people handling the water for students, we are asking each student to bring their personal water thermos just like you did for band camp. Please ensure that student names are written in marker on the thermos. (We will have some water on hand in case of emergency)
  • Bathrooms for students are located behind our seating area. These restrooms will have far less traffic than the restrooms we normally use. The number of students allowed to enter the bathroom will be limited.
  • No parents/alumni/general population will be allowed into the student section of the stands. Only directors and chaperones
  • We will have medical staff on-site, both as booster volunteers and Met EMT.
  • At the conclusion of the game, we will give adequate time for the general population to exit the stadium. We will dismiss by sections to facilitate social distancing. Students who drive must go to their vehicles and exit the lot once dismissed. Parents who are picking up their child can park in the triangle lot by the Met Soccer fields.